Airtime for the discerning Concertphile

Tim Tilghman pictured with former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman @ Harrisburg August 2001.


Timothy Tilghman conceived RadioRockonTour for the radio Concertphile.
Music enthusiasts who enjoy quality music and live material
participate in the Concertphile community.

Timothy Tilghman earned his Master of Arts degree in 2002.

Timothy Tilghman has over two decades of experience attending live music concerts.
He has traveled across the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Europe to attend concerts.
Tilghman participated as a student disc jockey as an Undergraduate student.

Syndication for broadcast
RadioRockonTour for radiophiles anticipates airing an engaging format
broadcast specifically for the Concertphile community.

Syndication for publication articles have been published in the Chesapeake Music Guide,
Full Throttle Magazine, Night-Life Magazine, Pennsylvania Musician Magazine,
U.B. Post and online.

Is the future broadcast version of RockonTour
- the active online live music resource for fellow Concertphiles.

RadioRockonTour will feature an eclectic mix of modern music,
classic material, and live archived memories. © 2007 RockonTour